“The service is very good, and the explanation of issues is good – also with alternatives. The workers here are very conscientious and look into more than what you are having diagnosed. The prices are reasonable and Tony is all for veterans and seniors!”

Tom M.

“​Just wanted to say thanks to Tony and Jeff for their excellent work and customer service on our RAV4. “

Nancy P.

​”Good, honest, responsive auto shop that goes the extra mile on customer service.

You don’t want to need these guys. But be thankful Atlas is around. When my vehicle stopped moving, I had it towed to the dealership. They reported I needed a new transmission, and they quoted me a price that made shopping for a new car a better decision. I had seen good feedback for Atlas, and my calls with the shop were very positive, so I had my car towed across town to their shop. I am very glad I did.

Tony did some diagnostic work and reported that I did need a new transmission, but rather a much less expensive fix. All the while my car was there they kept me updated and answered all of my questions patiently and completely.

I went in there fully expecting to have them put in a new transmission. It speaks to their integrity and customer service that they started their investigation from scratch. My car is back on the road, driving great and I owe it all to the great guys, and girl!, at Atlas.

Unqualified recommendation! But I really do hope you never need them… “

Dev S

“I am totally satisfied with the work. I brought in my truck and they did a wonderful job with my transmission. Tony is so nice, he even picked my truck up at my house and brought it to the shop when it needed some work – I thought that was beyond nice. I am getting better gas mileage since the rebuild and I pull my 5th wheel up to the white mountains and it is great going through the salt river – no problems at all with it! I am a senior and I have referred many other seniors to see Tony at Atlas Transmission. I really liked that he had a discount for seniors. “

Dana D

“One Sunday in April 2012 I was driving home to Vail, AZ. About a mile and a half from home my 2004 Pacifica developed a mind of it’s own and stopped going forward. I had it towed to the dealer. Monday morning I called the dealer, explained the problem and asked for a quote of my repairs. When I heard the price I could not respond because of shock. My co-worker told me to call Atlas. I quickly googled and called. After speaking to Tony I had a great relief. Within a half hour my car was already getting picked up from the dealer and being delivered to Atlas Transmission. Tony’s price was $1000 less than the dealer. His service warranties and follow-ups were way better. Plus I was provided with so many other repair shops I can go to. That is so much appreciated because I travel extensively. Another amazing service Tony provided almost floored me. I took my car to the dealer because I had a weird noise in the engine. They replaced my alternator which I believe had nothing wrong with it, charge me a ridiculous price, but did not fix the noise. They could not even find where the noise was coming from. The noise was not found by any other repair shop I took my car. Tony’s mechanic brought my car out explained to me where the noise was coming from and fixed it on my next visit. Oh what a relief it was. I can go on and on about the top notch service Atlas transmissions provides, but you have to try them for yourself. Thanks Atlas you and the whole staff are awesome. “

Mike G.

“My 2004 PT Cruiser quit running and after research I was convinced the computer in my car was shot. After calling around with quotes of up to $500.00 lastly I called Atlas and spoke to the owner Tony and he informed me that it may not be the control unit. We towed it to his shop and lo and behold after diagnosing they found it was a fuse that in turn blew the auto shutoff relay. The fuse and relay were replaced and with a significant savings. Thanks Tony and the crew at Atlas. I will call you next time I need repairs or service!!!”

Buzz R

​”I took my 1967 Pontiac GTO to Tony for a transmission rebuild. I love it!!! I’m taking a 1971 DJ5 Jeep to him next. I highly recommend Atlas transmission.”


“My transmission failed. I called a lot of local shops, even the big names like Aamco. After discussing some of the options I had with Tony, I decided to take it to Atlas. I had my transmission BUILT not REbuilt about a year ago and upgraded with several heavy duty towing parts. I wanted piece of mind so I added the 1 year/12k warranty to my bill.

Didn’t need it…Still don’t need it.
That’s a testament to the quality of work the team does.

My baby drives and pulls stronger than the factory transmission ever did…still.

It’s tough, especially these days to find a trustworthy mechanic. When I come in to Atlas I know I can trust Tony. To be honest, at first I didn’t. I took a leap of faith. I got lucky and met an honest mechanic, he’s proven that to me throughout our relationship.
I have known issues with my truck that he has pointed out and he was right, but he didn’t try to sell me more parts or service that I can do myself at home. He even looked into an issue I had asked about and saved me a couple hundred bucks and who knows how many diagnostic fees or trips to a dealership or motor mechanic. Just saying.

Yes I’m the kind of guy who names his truck. “It’s a mystical bond between man and machine.” I’ll be bringing Betsy(my truck) back for regular transmission and differential service. My wife’s car doesn’t need a rebuild, but I’m going to bring it to Tony for service because I know I can trust him.

I won’t hesitate to recommend Atlas to all of my family and friends. If you’re on the fence, just go talk to Tony, Sally and the team at Atlas. “

John M.

​”I was having an issue with my truck this morning so I called and they had the tech Tony give me a call back. He was very knowledgeable and was able to give me advice as to what could be the problem with a reasonable quote on the prices of labor. I changed the part on my vehicle and it worked! I was very surprised that Tony took the time out of his busy work schedule to call me and help me. This company is really out to help their customers rather than to empty their wallets. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends and family, and if I have another problem this will be the first place I go to! Thank you Tony!!”

Christopher M

“Atlas Transmission repaired my 2006 Dodge 3500 transmission. It now works better than when new. There price was as quoted and done when scheduled. I have recommended them to others.”

Donald H.

“After 18 years of owning a 1969 Camaro, the time came to finally restore it. After 95% restoration completion, I decided to change the theme of the car from a street hotrod to more of a cruiser. The problem was on the interstate my rpms were too high for a comfortable ride. You could barely hear yourself think and not good for the motor. I did not want to compromise my 373 differential gears as the motor HP is on the high side. I thought that an overdrive would do the trick – very expensive and costly. I was referred to Atlas Transmission. I called and a very nice lady named Sally greeted me and told me that she would get me in touch with someone who could answers all my questions. This happened immediately! Tony, the owner, came on the phone and answered all of my questions in less than 5 minutes. He installed an overdrive transmission in the car that looks factory! Right down to the shift plate inside the car. I never dreamed that my car could run so well in town and on the freeway as well. This also increased by gas mileage by about 30%. If you need to have any type (small or large) of transmission repair or a custom modification. See Tony at Atlas Transmission. Say “hi” to Sally.”

Julie & Jim L

“The staff at Atlas Transmission are courteous and professional. I took my CJ-5 Jeep in for repair and was impressed by the service I received.  I had the transmission rebuilt and had them check the front and rear differentials to include the air lockers. The quality of work was great.  I recommend going to Atlas Transmission.”

Patrick O.

​”Have a 2005 Dodge Ram Diesel. Had the Titan Hd transmission upgrade done back in 2009 with 68,000 miles on the original transmission. Tony the owner talked to me about what I was using the truck for and suggested this build. Really a great upgrade ,billet parts and upgraded Trans go shift kit, deep aluminum pan, I also opted to do the triple disc torque converter. The price was right were I wanted to be. Cliff did the build on the transmission. Very nice and knowledgable and explained what he did. Got it serviced per the warranty everything was great, I do a lot of driving and forgot the miles piled up and had not serviced the transmission in a long time. 80,000 miles later I figured I should get it done. Took it in, replaced fluid and adjusted a band all good to go. Everything looked great they told me. Very nice people to deal with at the front desk and Tony the owner is accessible to talk to. Whatever your transmission needs are they will take care of you.”

Michael V

​”Transparency. I usually do my own work because when it comes to any auto shop they try to rip you off. The owner is awesome and took the time to show me the transmission filter and kept me in the loop of what’s going on inside my drivetrain. They nicely checked out my diffs, and told me about the few odds and ins they noticed and didn’t try to preaching to me about it. It was like I was a family member. The owner himself test drives the vehicle, then his mechanic, then they crawl under the vehicle to make sure your good to go. To add their a member of the BBB. This is what a small American business is all about and we need more of them. I’ll be coming here for now on.”

Michael C

​”If you want to get great service, honest opinions, and quality work then I personally recommend Atlas Transmission! Atlas did a performance transmission build and upgraded torque converter on my 2006 GMC Duramax Diesel to hold up to higher horsepower and torque.  I talked to Tony directly and he gave me detailed information and expert advice from past experience. I had previously called other shops and all of his prices were comparable if not better for an equal or better product. I only had one slight problem with the transmission which was due to a part defect and they took care of it no questions asked. I would definitely recommend Atlas and will be using them on any of my future projects.”

Mark O.

“We were on our way to South America by truck. Our Dodge Ram was equipped with the infamous 47RE. It blew up 20 feet from the US Mexican border in Nogales. A quick 1 hour tow ride to Tucson. Tony at Atlas was honest when he said that when the trans was rebuilt before it was up to date with the latest upgrades for that time in 2001. 2011 had many more. So I told him to upgrade everything. Billet input shaft, flywheel, valves, etc. I dropped it off and they started within 10 minutes to pull the transmission. Turn around time was quick and the price was within market. In the Tucson area I highly recommend Atlas for trans work. Honest shops stay in business so i foresee Tony and Atlas being around for a long time. “

Josh, Andrea, And Lotta Garrett From Bremen Germany.