Performance Upgrades and Towing Packages


  • Some transmission problems are electrical, which can sometimes be fixed with a simple electrical repair, let us accurately diagnose the problem for you to avoid a costly unneeded transmission rebuild.
  • Transmissions require periodic fluid and filter changes by doing preventative maintenance you can prolong the life of your transmission.
  • Heat is the worst enemy of your automatic transmission. Installing an auxiliary transmission cooler can extend the life of your transmission.
  • We are proud to let our future customers know that we have a large inventory of transmissions in stock to better suit your needs with the least amount of downtime.
Atlas Transmission


We offer performance upgrades that give that extra boost to your “stock” transmission. We offer upgrades like shift kits, high stall torque converters, high performance shifters, and racing clutches.

Are you a diesel enthusiast, pull loads or have a high mileage transmission? See Heavy Duty Billet Titan Transmission for our services.


We are proud of our ability to install towing packages that will give your tow vehicle that extra punch when you tow that boat or fifth wheel. Shift kits that are especially made for towing, heavy duty torque converters, and heavy duty external fluid coolers all designed with the tow vehicle in mind.